Annual impact reports

Every year, we publish an impact report along with a short video showcasing our activities and successes over the previous 12 months including during the austral summer season in Antarctica.

Click on the links below to download the full reports or watch our summaries on YouTube.

Annual impact report 2022/23

This year has been the most normal-seeming for some time. The prospect of recruiting, training and deploying a team to Antarctica made us feel like we had emerged from the challenges of the pandemic and its aftermath. Yet, much has changed; many new initiatives are now embedded into our routines. We work as a tight team to support our complex operations in Antarctica and deliver varied public programming closer to home.

Download the 2022/23 impact report

Annual impact report 2021/22

Last year, we achieved more for Antarctica than we ever could have imagined. Despite the serious impacts of world events, heritage was conserved, children discovered and the charity grew out of its pandemic challenges.

Download the 2021/22 impact report

Annual impact report 2020/21

Despite an extremely challenging year for the Trust – and for many charities worldwide – this year's annual impact report clearly demonstrates how UKAHT has continued to share the wonders of Antarctica, protect the historic sites and monuments in its care from afar and look to the future to continue to do so.

Download the 2020/21 impact report