Tours to Antarctica

At present, all tours aboard commercial passenger vessels to Antarctica are operated by IAATO members, although membership is not compulsory. The International Association of Antarctica Tour-Operators (IAATO) was set up in 1991 by seven Antarctic tour operators, in order to ‘advocate, promote and practice environmentally responsible private-sector travel to Antarctica’.

Operational Guidelines

IAATO members work to operational guidelines which are based on the Antarctic Treaty System, including the Antarctic Treaty and Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, as well as international and national laws and agreements. This ensures that travel to the region is safe, and that all necessary precautions are taken to minimise the impact of tourism on the environment and wildlife. IAATO also has additional codes of conduct intended to optimise visitor’s experience to Antarctica and minimise the potential for disruption.

IAATO Members

All IAATO field staff receive ongoing training and education, and IAATO tours include briefings at the beginning of your journey as well as at each site that ensure that visitors are aware of, and adhere to, all relevant regulations. Qualified field staff also accompany passengers on any landings to provide guidance and information. The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is an affiliate member of IAATO and would highly recommend travelling to Antarctica with an IAATO member.

Main regulations

The main regulations and guidelines in relation to tourist travel are listed back on the main Tourist Guidelines page. This list is not exhaustive, however, and it is always wise to heed the instructions and advice of the experienced field staff and guides that will accompany you on your journey. The Antarctic Treaty and associated regulations are in place to protect Antarctica and its wildlife, ensuring that this pristine environment remains that way for visitors now and in the future.

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Press Enquiries

We are very keen to promote the important heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story about us, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements or +44 (0)1223 813 557.