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Wordie House, British Base F, is situated on Winter Island, Argentine Islands (65 ̊15’S, 64 ̊16’W). The hut consists of the kitchen and living room, generator shed, office, dog room and toilet, and a number of original artefacts are still found on site. Find out information such as the preferred landing site and where to find the key along with important guidelines that must be followed.

Building guide

The hut consists of the kitchen and living room, generator shed, office, dog room and toilet. A number of original artefacts are still found on site. There are three interpretation posters inside the main building which inform visitors on the buildings HSM status, its history and the recent maintenance work that was carried out. A timber flagpole and a rare timber British Crown Land sign are also found outside.

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Please take note of the following during your visit:

  1. The key to the hut is held by the Vernadsky Base Commander.
  2. Ensure all outdoor clothing and boots are clean before entering the building. Please use the boot scrubber provided.
  3. The site is a historic site and monument and therefore overnight stays should not be made. Please do not handle, use or remove any artefacts or sit on chairs and other furniture.
  4. Please do not smoke or use matches, candles or stoves in or around the building.
  5. Leave a record of your visit in the visitor book and please report any damage to the hut or its contents or maintenance required to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust:
  6. A designated cleaning kit is kept in the porch. Please ensure that the hut is clean on your departure and that snow/water is mopped up from the floors.
  7. Please ensure that the doors and windows are securely closed when you leave and the key is returned to the Vernadsky Base Commander.

For all official guidelines and specific instructions please refer to the Wordie House Antarctic Treaty Visitor Site Guide.

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