Support conservation at Damoy

How you can help Damoy

If you're passionate about protecting Antarctica's historic sites, help us deliver our ambitious conservation project at Damoy this season. There are lots of ways to get involved - and however you choose to show your support know that you've helped us expertly care for this very special place, protecting it for years to come.

With your help, we can restore and conserve Damoy.

Sponsor a virtual charity gift

Will you choose to sponsor essential kit, a conservation team member or maybe you quite like the idea of becoming a Conservation Champion? Whatever you choose to sponsor, your kind support makes conservation work at Damoy possible this season.

Whistles & headtorches £100

In Antarctica, safety is everything and we never know what the weather will bring. Help the team find each other in an emergency, or simply their way back from the toilet tent!

Conservation tools £250

Package of conservation tools and materials - wood, primer, nails, you name it. We'll be building a temporary roof to keep the rain out and making remedial repairs.

Sponsor a team member £1000

Morale boosting sponsorship of one of the field team! We have three enthusiastic team members in need of your support. Sponsor a conservation carpenter and send them your good wishes on base.

Help construct our scaffold £1000

A major job for a major project! Scaffold will be safely constructed in Antarctica to prepare and paint the hut, and you can help make it happen.

Radio communication £300

Radios and other wireless equipment were vital tools in early Antarctic communications and they remain just as important today. Donate towards the Gael Force Marine Radio for staying in touch, over.

Orange paint £40

This season we transform Damoy from turquoise back to its original bright orange. Donate today and be part of the conservation efforts.

Warm gloves £150

Working in cold conditions requires warm, dry gloves. Keep the team cosy with these insulated waterproof gloves for work and play.

A hot meal in the field £50

Freeze dried stew has never tasted so good. One of the best things you can give to boost morale is a hot cup of tea and a warming dinner for the team. At the end of each day they'll be preparing their own meals in their field camp.

Become a conservation champion £3000

Help us transform Damoy base and protect it for the future. Conservation gifts of £3,000 and above make you a Conservation Champion! Philanthropy helps us to make a true difference to the huts in our care, and you will be part of their story.

Brushes to get the job done £20

Fine-tipped, waxing sash and angled, you name it, we need them all. Despite the location and nature of the heritage, we still need good old fashioned paint brushes to prepare and paint Damoy base.

Become a Patron £600

Join like minded Antarctic friends as a Patron. A gift of £600 makes a real difference to conservation efforts. You can help us transform Damoy base and protect it for the future.

Power the team £100

The team's watches, machinery and magic data logger all need power, and you can play a part. Make a donation today and keep the sparks flying.

Other ways to support Damoy

Damoy merchandise Shop to support

Treat yourself to some retail therapy with our new range of specially commissioned Damoy merchandise. Every sale supports conservation at Damoy.

Damoy - past, present and future Discover what your support will help

Watch a beautiful and thought provoking film about the iconic Damoy Hut in Dorian Bay. As an air facility and transit station for a number of years, for the scientists travelling south, this base holds many secrets. With your support, we can return the base back to its original orange and share some of the stories it keeps within its walls.

Send a message to the field team Give a morale boost

Send a message to the conservation team in Antarctica. Choose an e-card, add your message and make a donation. Your message will make its way to Antarctica to give the team a welcome boost to morale!