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American Friend of UKAHT Based in the US?

American Friends of UKAHT is a unique community of people who share an interest in Antarctica and care for its special places.

Support from our friends through our CAF America Friends Fund enables us to repair and conserve historic buildings, continue our penguin study and share Antarctica’s wildlife and stories with schools and communities. 

A special history

For over 200 years, the USA and the UK have played a pivotal role in Antarctica’s story, right back to the discovery of the continent in the 1820s. Today, our historic buildings in Antarctica, from Port Lockroy to Damoy Hut, never fail to receive the warmest of greetings from our American visitors.

East Base

As a charity, we manage the conservation of Base E, Stonington Island, named after the hometown of Connecticut-born explorer Nathaniel Palmer, and situated just 250 yards from the historic US East Base (1939-41) which we keep a friendly eye on.

Female first

Stonington saw the first women overwinter in Antarctica. Americans Edith ‘Jackie’ Ronne – whose husband Finn Ronne was the base leader – and Jennie Darlington spent the 1947-48 winter at Stonington on the way to becoming the first women to spend a year in Antarctica. The Ronne Ice Shelf would later be named in honour of Edith.

Join our American family

If you’d like to know more about our American Friends community, you can get in touch by emailing Camilla Johns, Head of Development, or sign up for our US newsletter below.

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Make a donation via CAF America

CAF America has 501(c)(3) status, increasing the tax efficiency of your gift. You can also make your donation in US dollars. 

To make a gift online, visit our dedicated CAF America Friends Fund page.  

Gifts can also be made by check:  

  • Step 1: Download and complete a CAF America Gift Form.
  • Step 2: Attach the gift form with your check and mail to: 

Charities Aid Foundation of America 
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How your gift helps 

Our supporters across the world have contributed to a wide range of programmes and projects including: 

  • Wildlife monitoring 
  • Historic building conservation 
  • School and community programmes  
  • Antarctic policy and protection 

Donations and gifts made by our US family of supporters have provided essential support to enable the care and preservation of historic sites in Antarctica and for our work to help share the magic of this continent with others.