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Product Code: BO10007
Key product features
  • 240 pages
  • First published in 1995
  • Dimensions: 245 x 195mm
  • Written by Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson

Product description

Of Dogs and Men is a brilliant record of a bygone era in which dogs were the only means of travel in Antarctica. Published a year after the dogs were banned from the Continent, Of Dogs and Men captures the true story of intense companionship between man and dog and the diverse ways in which both were essential for the other’s survival. With meticulous detail, the book portrays the dogs as individuals with distinctive personalities, some being more cooperative to human endeavour than others but all contributing to a relationship which has become legendary. The book includes wonderful illustrations which match the tales told by those who knew the dogs best - over thirty contributors from the British Antarctic Survey are well placed to give a full account spanning the arrival of dogs in the 1940s, to their eventual dismissal at the advent of motorised vehicles and heavy machinery. The stories are funny, sad, triumphant and tragic but most of all, they appeal to every dog lover.

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