Seeking volunteers to help develop our Antarctic Virtual Reality experiences


We are looking for participants to take part in research that will feedback on the design of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences about British Antarctic historic bases. We would like to know:
• What excites you about Antarctica
• What you would like to know about the lives of those who worked there
• How you think our ideas can be improved
• Whether you have ever used Virtual Reality, or would like to

If you are interested in taking part, you would be asked to attend one online focus group between 20th February and 14th March, at a range of times to suit you. The session will last no more than an hour. It will take place in a virtual space called Clickroom or online webinar. You will be sent instructions with a link and when you enter you will join researchers to share ideas.

You will be invited to look at historic images of British Antarctica and the plans for a VR experience and tell us what interests you or not. From your ideas we will be able to improve the virtual reality experiences we are making and find better ways to reach potential audiences.

If you are interested in taking part please send an email to: and you will be provided with a more detailed information sheet about the project, suggested focus group times and a consent form to sign if you decide to take part.

We would like to hear from a broad range of people, particularly the following group(s):
• Secondary / High school students (approx. age 10-14) – Ref. A
• High school teachers – Ref. B
• Antarctic tourist (been on a cruise) – Ref. C
• Antarctic interests (not been on a cruise) – Ref. D
• BAS Club / FIDS – Ref. E
• Work in Antarctic Tour industry – Ref. F
(Please provide the reference letter when you apply)

We look forward to hearing from you.