Celebrating 30 years of UKAHT

As UKAHT turns 30, we’re using the opportunity to reflect on some key moments from three decades of conserving, sharing and inspiring.

Celebrating 30 years of UKAHT

As UKAHT turns 30, we’re using the opportunity to reflect on some key moments from three decades of conserving, sharing and inspiring.

Celebrating 30 years of UKAHT


As UKAHT turns 30, we’re using the opportunity to reflect on some key moments from three decades of conserving, sharing and inspiring.

On 28 July 2023, UKAHT is turning 30. For three decades, we have had the privilege to conserve Antarctica’s unique heritage, share the continent’s ever-evolving stories and inspire others to see and experience Antarctica differently through innovative technology, art and culture.

In 1993, we didn’t have a single site to our name. Today, the Trust manages the restoration and care of six heritage huts and their treasures on the Antarctic Peninsula and is leading the Conservation Management Plan for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s shipwreck Endurance. As a charity, we couldn’t have done it without our supporters. As such, we are eternally grateful for all of your help in protecting and celebrating this precious place, then, now and into the future.

UKAHT's unfolding story

With that in mind, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of the key moments from three decades of conserving, sharing and inspiring.


The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust was established to advance the education of the public by the preservation and protection of their Antarctic heritage.


Port Lockroy is restored by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) supported by UKAHT.

B&W photo of Bransfield house

One of UKAHT's first jobs was to help BAS restore Port Lockroy (Credit: BAS Archives)


UKAHT assists the National Maritime Museum in saving nine polar lots for the nation including Scott’s sledging flag taken to the South Pole and Shackleton’s boat compass.

Scott's s;edging flag

Scott’s sledging flag (Credit: National Maritime Museum)


The Ross Sea Heritage Conservation Project launches. Helping to raise £3.5m to support the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust to conserve the explorers' huts of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott.


UKAHT takes over the management and continued restoration of Port Lockroy – welcoming visitors to the museum and running the ‘Penguin Post Office’ and capturing data for the study of the gentoo penguin colony.

Port Lockroy being restored in 2006

Port Lockroy being restored in 2006 (Credit: Graham Gillie/UKAHT)


UKAHT joins IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), helping to advocate and promote safe and environmentally friendly travel to the Antarctic.


UKAHT takes responsibility for the management and conservation of Base W on Detaille Island, Base F Wordie House and Damoy Point.

Detaille under repair

Detaille Hut undergoing restoration in 2014 (Credit: T Morgan/UKAHT)


UKAHT takes an instrumental role in the British Antarctic Oral History Project with BAS, BAS Club and the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) to capture the human stories of Antarctica.


UKAHT completes the reconstruction of the Nissen hut at Port Lockroy, which receives an award in 2011 from the Institute of Structural Engineers for its innovative adaptation.

Nissen hut being built

The Nissen hut under construction in 2010 (Credit: Willem Tims/Shutterstock)


Together with SPRI, UKAHT organised a service of remembrance for Captain Robert Falcon Scott at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.


UKAHT collaborates with the BBC on the production of a Natural World documentary, Penguin Post Office.

Penguins in front of the post office

The BBC went south with us (Credit: UKAHT)


Base E, Stonington Island, and Base Y, Horseshoe Island, are added to our portfolio of heritage responsibilities.

Horseshoe island Hut

Horseshoe Island Hut (Credit: /UKAHT)


With SPRI and the James Caird Society, UKAHT organises a commemoration for Sir Ernest Shackleton at Westminister Abbey on the centenary of the Endurance expedition.

Westminister Abbey commemoration

The Westminister Abbey commemoration (Credit: UKAHT)


A Conservation Programme is initiated with detailed site surveys and 3D Base Modelling begins with the Mapping and Geographic Information Centre at BAS.

A 3D model of Wordie House

A 3D model of Wordie House (Credit: UKAHT)


Antarctica InSight launches - a multimedia programme aiming to inspire people to discover and explore Antarctica.


The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office appoints UKAHT to lead the Conservation Management Plan for Shackleton’s shipwreck Endurance after it was found at the bottom of the Weddell Sea.

The endurance wreck

The wreck of Endurance (Credit: © Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust/National Geographic)


UKAHT restores Damoy Hut, Antarctica’s only protected historic transit facility and skiway, to its original bright orange after a field team spends 26 days camping on the continent.

Thank you sign held in front of Damoy Hut

Damoy Hut after its repaint (Credit: Jo Bradshaw/UKAHT)

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Every membership and donation we receive helps our expert teams deliver vital conservation work across the heritage sites that we preserve. Without your support, sites of great importance in Antarctica's history could quickly deteriorate, taking with them historic artefacts, tales of scientific advancement and human endeavour that inform how we, as a global community, view and value Antarctica today. With your help, we can continue to conserve this special continent to ensure its protection for years to come.

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