10 Christmas gifts for (Antarctic) map lovers

From map-themed neck warmers to a map of Shackleton’s South Georgia Crossing, check out UKAHT’s cartography Christmas gifts.

10 Christmas gifts for (Antarctic) map lovers

From map-themed neck warmers to a map of Shackleton’s South Georgia Crossing, check out UKAHT’s cartography Christmas gifts.

10 Christmas gifts for (Antarctic) map lovers


From map-themed neck warmers to a map of Shackleton’s South Georgia Crossing, check out UKAHT’s cartography Christmas gifts.

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1. Antarctica Arctic Map

Scale: 1:10,000,000

The perfect overview map to familiarise yourself with the polar regions. This double-sided folded topographical map shows the Arctic and Antarctica at the same scale and geographical extent. Published in 2023 by the British Antarctic Survey, the map also includes graphics demonstrating the extent of sea ice in the polar regions as well as the rock surface beneath the sea ice. 

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Get to know the polar regions (Credit: BAS/UKAHT)

2. South Georgia / Shackleton Crossing Map

Scale: 1:200,000 / 1:40,000

On 20th May 1916, Ernest Shackleton and two others struggled into a whaling station on South Georgia Island. They had just completed the first crossing of South Georgia Island. Shackleton and his team’s classic story of survival has come to symbolise the period of heroic Antarctic exploration. You can trace their route on side B of this map while side A showcases South Georgia’s remarkable topography as well as scientific stations and the now-disused whaling stations.

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Track Shackleton's iconic journey (Credit: BAS)

3. Peninsula Map

Scale: 1:4,000,000 / 1:1,000,000

If you want to get to know exactly where all six of our bases are on the Antarctic Peninsula, then this is the map for you. The folded double-sided map shows Graham Land and the South Shetland Islands on one side with the Scotia Sea on the reverse and shows the location of scores of scientific stations and Historic Sites and Monuments. For those embarking on a voyage of the Antarctic Peninsula, this map makes the ideal companion as it covers the journey from Ushuaia through the Drake Passage and as far south as Marguerite Bay.

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The Peninsula Map features all six of our bases (Credit: BAS)

4. The Mapping of Antarctica


This marvellous book is an illustrated history of the Heroic Age of South Polar Exploration, describing all the expeditions to the Antarctic from 1770 to 1930. It features over 100 of the most significant and rare polar maps and is illustrated with the ‘lost’ photographs of Robert Falcon Scott. The Map House is London's oldest specialist antiquarian map seller and has specialised in collecting fine cartographic material since 1907.

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The Mapping of Antarctica (Credit: The Map House)

5. Shetland Islands Map

Scale: 1:200,000

The South Shetland Islands lie approximately 120km (65 nautical miles) north of the Antarctic Peninsula. This double-sided folded map features topographic detail with a satellite image mosaic backdrop. The sheets cover the South Shetland Islands across three separate map panels.

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6. Map & Gentoo Neck Warmer

Our unique neck warmers are practical and versatile winter accessories which can be worn as a neck warmer, headband, balaclava, scrunchie or scarf. We have two reversible designs to choose from. One comes with a map of the Antarctic peninsula on one side and an iconic gentoo penguin on the other. 

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Our Map & Gentoo Neck Warmer (Credit: UKAHT)

7. Map & Tartan Neck Warmer

For something a little more refined, this neck warmer features a map of the Antarctic peninsula on one side and our iconic Antarctic tartan design on the other. Handmade exclusively for UKAHT, each thread of our Antarctic Tartan reflects a different aspect of the continent. 

White represents the Antarctic ice flows; grey the outcropping rocks, seals and birds; orange and yellow the lichen, bright penguin plumage and the summer midnight sun; black and white the penguins and whales; pale blue the crevasses and shallow icy waters; and deep midnight blue the Antarctic Ocean and dark Antarctic winter.

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Our Map & Tartan Neck Warmer (Credit: UKAHT)

8. Brabant Island to Adelaide Islands Map

Scale: 1:250,000

This folded map covers the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula between Brabant Island and the Adelaide Islands, including Gerlache Strait, Lemaire Channel, Palmer Station, Vernadsky Station, Grandidier Channel and Crystal Sound. It also covers several UKAHT sites including Port Lockroy, Damoy Hut at Dorian Bay and Wordie House on Winter Island along with several other Historic Sites and Monuments.

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9. Adelaide and Arrowsmith Map

Scale: 1:250,000

Moving south along the Peninsula, this map covers the region from Adelaide Island to the adjacent Arrowsmith Peninsula of Graham Land. As well as the Rothera Research Station, San Martin Station and Reniente Luis Carvajal Station, this map covers our three other sites at Detaille Island, Horseshoe Island and Stonnington Island

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10. Vintage globe

This vintage globe is a superb decorative accessory and reference point, but it’s also a terrific conversation starter. Expect guests to comment on a surprising realisation, whether it’s the fact that the Pacific takes up nearly half the Earth, or that there’s only one country between Finland and North Korea. If you’re not travelling, the next best thing is dreaming about it.

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A vintage globe makes for a classic gift (Credit: Replogle)

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