You have made a difference

An update to our urgent Sponsor a Window appeal

You have made a difference

An update to our urgent Sponsor a Window appeal

Sponsor a window appeal: You have made a difference


Earlier this week, we had news that our windows at Bransfield House had been supported and sponsored – by you – our Antarctic family at home.

Antarctica is a unique place to care for heritage. Unlike historic buildings and sites in Europe or the United States which can be continually monitored, the long periods of time where we cannot be on site - notably during sub-zero winters - can present challenges and surprises for the conservation team. This season was particularly exceptional with our first feasible return to Antarctica in two years.  

Pictured: A snowy thank you from everyone - and every penguin - at Port Lockroy and HQ

Over the past month, friends and donors around the world have stepped in to donate in support of our urgent Sponsor a Window appeal. We are thankful to all of you who gave. The support we receive from the Antarctic community is more than just a gift to enable the conservation itself. When you are 10,000 miles away, battling daily sleet and icey wind, our team thrive on knowing that people at home are thinking of Port Lockroy, wanting to get involved and help support important conservation work.

The maintenance of heritage in Antarctica is a constant task. But, thanks to your support the museum and post office remain dry and protected for another winter, ready to reopen with welcoming smiles and the distinctive aroma of our gentoo neighbours later this year. Do stay tuned.

In the meantime, from all of us here, thank you.

Camilla Johns

Head of Development