Update on Antarctic season 21/22


UKAHT enjoyed a hugely successful Antarctic season in 2021-22, despite the challenges posed by Covid. For the first time since the pandemic began, our team were able to return to Antarctica to assess and maintain the historic sites under our care. As you will have seen from the blog updates, our Port Lockroy team of three were able to operate a covid-secure post office, continue our penguin survey, and undertake vital maintenance tasks to protect our buildings into the years to come. We are grateful to those who supported our windows campaign, which has meant that the windows of Bransfield House are now secure and ready to endure the harsh Antarctic winter.  

We also undertook a successful inspection trip of UKAHT’s historic sites. Thanks to the generosity and flexibility of the Royal Navy Ship, HMS Protector, we were able to visit six of our seven sites: Port Lockroy, Damoy, Wordie House, Detaille, Stonington and Blaiklock. Among these, Detaille and Blaiklock have not been visited by UKAHT personnel for some years – the opportunity to assess their condition and perform emergency repairs is an incredible achievement for our organisation and will help safeguard the future of these remarkable places.  

Ruth Mullett

Head of Buildings and Conservation