Port Lockroy
Base A, Britain’s first permanent Antarctic base

For more than a century Port Lockroy has been a home for explorers, whalers, scientists, and sailors who have made vital contributions to Antarctic history and the harbour has become the most popular visitor destination in Antarctica today. Port Lockroy is a sheltered harbour off the coast of Wiencke Island at the meeting point of three seaways which offer some of the most dramatic mountain and glacier scenery on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. It is fitting then that this site, of such endeavour, is the cornerstone of our efforts to conserve and preserve British Antarctic heritage for future generations.

Operation Tabarin

Learn more about the Second World War mission that established the first permanent British bases in Antarctica. The first of these being Port Lockroy, Base A.

Conservation at Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is our flagship historic site and is the only site we look after which is manned by a team every season. The harsh Antarctic climate and up to 18,000 visitors each season each take their toll on the building so we have a rigorous conservation management programme to guide our care and maintenance of the buildings and the artefacts within.

Artefact Conservation at Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is home to some 2,500 individual artefacts. Intense light, fluctuating temperatures, varying humidity, salt and ultraviolet radiation all of which contribute to the harm of materials and are particularly extreme in Antarctica. We monitor these environmental conditions over the long term so that we may try to minimise their impact on the artefacts and preserve them into the future. Each season our team at Port Lockroy undertake an artefact condition survey. They assess specific individual artefacts gathering important information which allows us to determine the pace of change and the causes. This data is then used to plan how better we can store and display the objects to best preserve them as well as inform any treatment plans for any damaged items.

Visiting Port Lockroy

If you are coming to visit us at Port Lockroy then we have some useful information about the site itself, such as its layout and dos and don'ts when on the island.

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