Horseshoe Island, HSM no. 63
Base Y, Marguerite Bay

Horseshoe (67°48'S, 67°18'W) was established as a scientific base in March 1955 and closed in August 1960. Research carried out here included geology, meteorology and topographic survey. Extensive survey trips covering hundreds of miles and lasting several months were often undertaken from the station using dog teams and sledges.


1950s British Antarctic life and science

The site consists of the original main building, a weather balloon shed, dog pens and emergency store. There are two masts on high points near the main building, and two small wooden boats in a small cove to the north. Inside, the station contains almost all of its original contents, fixtures and fittings, including kitchen utensils, stocks of food and fuel, workshop tools, radio equipment, and a diesel generator. The excellent condition and completeness of both the buildings and artefacts are of considerable historical significance; together they provide a very special time-capsule of British life and science in the Antarctic during the late 1950s. 

1957: Small refuge hut built

On Blaiklock Island, to the north-west of Horseshoe Island, there is a small refuge hut built in March 1957 as an outpost of the main station. It is also in good condition and fully equipped.  

Base Y, was designated HSM No. 63 in 1995. Blaiklock refuge is considered an integral part of the station and its history and is also covered by the same HSM status. We took over the management of Horseshoe in October 2014. Horseshoe is going to be the focus of our conservation programme in the coming season. 

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Read more information about Horseshoe on the British Antarctic Survey Archives website

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