Damoy Hut, HSM no. 84
Dorian Bay

Damoy Hut which stands in Dorian Bay on Wiencke Island (64° 49’S, 63°31’W) is the most modern of Britain’s Historic Sites and Monuments in Antarctica. The hut was, for a number of years, a British summer air facility and transit station for scientists travelling further south to scientific stations.

Getting to Marguerite Bay

Damoy hut was built in Dorian Bay as a transit station for aircraft, which were often needed to reach the southerly peninsula research stations in Marguerite Bay. These stations were often cut off by pack ice, which meant that ships carrying men and supplies couldn’t reach them. The use of aircraft via Damoy hut meant that fieldwork would not be delayed by poor ice conditions.

Air transit station

In October 1973, a Twin Otter flew up from Adelaide Island, landed on Doumer Island and ferried a party of people south. Two years later, in November 1975, a suitable permanent location was found for the air transit station in Dorian Bay on Wiencke Island. The hut was named Damoy hut after the neighbouring Damoy Point at the end of the glacier and was perfectly located as the bay gave good access for ship launches and the glacier on Wiencke Island was found to be a suitable skiway for aircraft.

Organising freight

A party of two or three men would stay at Damoy hut to organise the transfer of freight to the 400m skiway along the spine of the glacier. They used skidoo motor toboggans and were responsible for passing on vital weather reports to the aircraft further south by radio. If the weather prevented flying, men on their way south were accommodated in the hut and in tents.

1994-95: Flights to the Falkland Islands

In the 1994-95 season the British Antarctic Survey started direct flights from the Falkland Islands to Rothera (Britain’s largest research station) so the Damoy Air Facility was no longer required. The hut is now designated a Historic Site and Monument (HSM No. 84) and recognised for its importance as an example in the development of Antarctic logistics.  


We manage and care for the maintenance and conservation of Damoy Hut. Our staff working at neighbouring Port Lockroy visit each season to inspect and monitor the hut often carrying out maintenance and conservation works. The hut is well preserved and still holds original objects and equipment offering a glimpse of life on base. 

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View more information about Damoy on the British Antarctic Survey Archives website

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