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You don’t need to visit Antarctica to see and appreciate what it’s like, or to learn more about the history and artefacts from this awe-inspiring region. There are some really useful online resources on Antarctica available, offering a wealth of information and access to online archives and catalogues.  To help you in your search we have listed the key online resources below.  

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Antarctic Circle

An online forum and resource on all aspects of Antarctica and the South Polar regions, with contributions from a wide range of people.

British Antarctic Survey website (BAS)

BAS is the UK’s national Antarctic operator and is an institute of the National Environment Research Council (NERC). Its aims are to deliver and enable world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. It operates five Antarctic research stations in the British Antarctic Territory, as well as two permanent research stations on South Georgia. It also manages the Arctic Research Programme and runs the UK research station. The British Antarctic Survey's website offers information on the history and science of Antarctica, as well as a database of those who have wintered at BAS research stations.

British Antarctic Survey Club

The British Antarctic Survey Club is a membership organisation for the past and present staff of the British Antarctic Survey and its predecessors, the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS) and Operation Tabarin. It aims to keep members in touch with Antarctic activities through its magazine and newsletters, by arranging annual reunions as well as other events. As well as this it supports projects that document Antarctic life or the work of its members.

BAS Club also host the website for the British Antarctic Oral History Project - a collaboration between BAS Club, BAS, SPRI and UKAHT to capture and digitise oral testimonies from former Antarctic personnel.  Visit the BAOHP site here.

Cool Antarctica

Created by Paul Ward, an ex-marine biologist with the British Antarctic Survey and teacher, this site offers information on the history of Antarctica, its wildlife and facts about the continent.

DHT Discovery Point

The Dundee Heritage Trust is a charity formed to preserve and interpret Dundee’s industrial past. It is responsible for Discovery Point Antarctic Museum, based on the RRS Discovery, which was built in Dundee specifically for Polar scientific research for Scott’s British National Antarctic (Discovery) Expedition of 1901-04. Visit the website to learn more about Scott’s Discovery expedition and take a virtual tour of the RRS Discovery.

Discovering Antarctica

An educational resource linked directly to the national curriculum full of information on Antarctica, created by the British Antarctic Survey, British Antarctic Territory, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Government of the British Antarctic Territory (GBAT)

The British Antarctic Territory is a UK Overseas Territory administered by the Polar Regions Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. With its own laws and legislative framework, as well as postal administration, GBAT aims to ensure the long-term security of the Territory, promote the UK’s sovereignty in the Territory, protect the environment and preserve British heritage, ensure an effective legislative and administrative framework, and manage the finances of the Territory.

International Association of Antarctica Operators (IAATO)

IAATO is a member organisation which aims to advocate and promote the practice of safe and responsible private-sector travel to Antarctica. Its website includes information on the Antarctic Treaty and current guidelines for visiting Antarctica and its sites, as well as the latest statistics and news on current tourism to the Antarctic.

Norfolk Museums Virtual Exhibition
To the Ends of the Earth: Norfolk’s Place in Polar Exploration

An online exhibition featuring the biographies and objects of Antarctic Exploration linked to Norfolk.

Polar Worlds online

An online magazine for Polar enthusiasts, publishing a wide variety of articles on both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers - RGS with IBG

The RGS (with IBG) is a charity dedicated to the development and promotion of geographical knowledge. As well as housing a range of charts, reports and journals relating to several Antarctic expeditions, the RGS hosts events and exhibitions on Antarctic history and exploration, most recently the Enduring Eye exhibition to commemorate the centenary of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition. The RGS website allows you to search their picture library, and includes images from several Antarctic expeditions.

Sir Ernest Shackleton website

A website about Sir Ernest Shackleton created and maintained by members of the Shackleton family.

Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)

The Scott Polar Research Institute, part of the University of Cambridge, is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic, with research covering both the natural and social sciences. It also houses the world’s premier Polar library as well as an archive collection. The Scott Polar Research Institute also manages a Polar Museum which houses a range of objects relating to the history of the polar regions as well as an extensive photograph collection. The museum runs a range of public events, lectures and exhibitions. Their website includes a comprehensive library of photographs taken during expeditions dating from 1845-1960.

New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust

The New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust is our sister organisation. It manages and conserves five Historic Sites and Monuments in the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica built during the expeditions of Borchgrevink, Scott, Shackleton and Fuchs/Hillary. The NZAHT website offers information about the sites that they care for including the history of the expeditions and virtual tours of the huts, as well as news on their latest conservation projects.

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