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Antarctica is a unique place on earth for many reasons - it's beauty, it's wilderness, it's harsh climate, it's diversity of life, the fact that people have never settled on it etc. But one of the most powerful things that make it unique is the Antarctic Treaty which keeps nations around the world striving to protect it for generations to come. There are also many organisations around the world striving to learn from it, but that are above all striving to protect something from it for the future - whether that is it's heritage, it's natural environment, it's wildlife etc. We are proud to play our part and have listed some organisations below, also playing their part.  

Australian Antarctic Division

The Australian Antarctic Division is Australia’s national Antarctic operator.

Antarctica New Zealand

Antarctica New Zealand is New Zealand’s national Antarctic operator.

Antarctic Treaty Secretariat

The Antarctic Treaty, signed in 1959, aims to ensure that Antarctica ‘shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.’ The Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty supports Antarctic Treaty meetings and carries out administration regarding the Antarctic Treaty. On their website you can find out more about the Antarctic Treaty, its provisions and its member states.

Falklands Conservation

Falklands Conservation is a non-governmental organisation that works to protect the wildlife of the Falkland Islands by undertaking practical conservation projects, surveys and scientific studies as well as conducting annual monitoring and publishing guides and information.

Falkland Islands Government

The website of the government of the Falkland Islands, including information on the Stanley Philatelic Bureau which provides British Antarctic Territory (BAT) stamps to Port Lockroy and other BAT territory post offices.

International Association of Antarctica Operators (IAATO)

IAATO is a member organisation, founded in 1991, to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. IAATO currently has 116 members. IAATO Members work together to develop, adopt and implement operational standards that mitigate potential environmental impacts. Numerous guidelines have been adopted over the last 20 years that have proven to be successful methods in avoiding such impacts.

International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC)

The IPHC is an international scientific committee within the International Council on Monuments and Sites that aim to provide information on matters related to human heritage in the Arctic and Antarctic.

International Polar Year 2007-08

The website of the fourth International Polar Year; a large Arctic and Antarctic scientific programme which took place between March 2007 and March 2009.

Mawson's Huts Foundation

The Mawson’s Huts Foundation exists to conserve Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison by raising funds to enable heritage professionals to be sent to conserve the historic site.

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

NERC is the UK largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation. NERC is supported by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills but its activities and funding decisions are independent of government. The British Antarctic Survey is an institution of NERC.

Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO)

The PCO is a charitable foundation committed to providing information, education and news about and related to the Polar Regions in order to raise awareness about the need to preserve these environments.

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

The Sea Mammal Research Unit carries out interdisciplinary research into the biology of marine mammals, trains marine mammal scientists and advises government and non-governmental organisations as well as industry on conservation issues.

South Georgia Government

The website of the government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

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