Antarctica in the UK

If you are passionate about Antarctica and its history or are simply curious to find out more about certain explorers or expeditions, then there are plenty of places, resources and organisations in the UK that you can tap into to experience the Antarctic story and that will help bring it to life.

To help you find the right place to visit or organisation to approach, we have compiled lists of all the collections, organisations and resources in the UK with an Antarctic theme.  If you come across any others which we can add to these lists please let us know by emailing us at

Antarctic Collections in the UK

Find out where the collections are that hold important artefacts, images or accounts from pioneers of Antarctic discovery, exploration and science.

Antarctic Online Resources

Learn more about awe-inspiring Antarctica, its history and artefacts using these helpful online resources.

UK Antarctic Organisations

Find out more about the Antarctic 100 in the UK - the network of organisations with a polar heritage interest.

Other Antarctic Organisations

Organisations, from around the world, who are playing their part in keeping Antarctica special for generations to come.

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Press Enquiries

We are very keen to promote the important heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story about us, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements or +44 (0)1223 813 557.