Port Lockroy
Our flagship historic site in Antarctica

For more than a century Port Lockroy has been a home for explorers, whalers, scientists, and sailors who have made vital contributions to Antarctic history and the harbour has become the most popular visitor destination in Antarctica today. Port Lockroy is a sheltered harbour off the coast of Wiencke Island at the meeting point of three seaways which offer some of the most dramatic mountain and glacier scenery on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. It is fitting then that this site, of such endeavour, is the cornerstone of our efforts to conserve and preserve British Antarctic heritage for future generations.

Other Historic Sites

We manage five further former British Bases on the Antarctic Peninsula and maintain a heritage interest in others, such as Deception Island and the Heroic era huts in the Ross Sea. Each site tells a unique story of discovery and scientific exploration from the sledging trips of Horseshoe, to the chequered history of Deception Island which started as a whaling station and later became a research base during Operation Tabarin. Come and explore the historic sites and their fascinating histories.


Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Our historic sites and artefacts in Antarctica need a lot of practical care and management. This is both our biggest challenge and greatest responsibility.


Our conservation team will soon be making their to Base E on Stonington Island. We will be releasing daily updates letting you know what they are up to. Watch this space...


As our team are conserving Horseshoe we will be updating diary entries from Base Y from 1955 through to 2017. Opened in 1955 and closed in 1960, Base Y is a time capsule of Antarctic history. With contributions from base logs, personal diaries and modern day updates, Horseshoe Diaries will keep you up to date with what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen with this remarkable base. 


Antarctica in the UK

If you are passionate about Antarctica’s history and the expeditions of specific explorers, then there are plenty of places to learn more. To help you find the right place to visit we have compiled lists of all the collections, organisations and resources in the UK with an Antarctic theme.

Antarctic Artefacts

We are responsible for tens of thousands of artefacts in and around our sites. We conserve scientific equipment, lifestyle objects, historical documents and even food tins. These artefacts bring the story to life, as they are the things that were used by the men who lived and worked in Antarctica.

Events What's On

Find out more about our events in the UK and in Antarctica, and how you can join us.

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Press Enquiries

We are very keen to promote the important heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story about us, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements sarah@limewash.co.uk or +44 (0)1223 813 557.