Antarctica In Sight: Shorts

Encounter Antarctica through the experiences of polar explorer Felicity Aston, endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh, and intrepid photographer Neill Drake. 

Geopolitics: Exploitation to preservation 2 Minute watch

Antarctica’s geopolitics are unique. After devastation of the continent’s biodiversity through sealing and whaling, efforts to explore and understand prevailed and, in 1959, 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty. The Treaty supports and promotes scientific research, while prohibiting military activities, mineral mining, nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal. We spoke to UN Patron for Oceans, Lewis Pugh on why he swims in Antarctica.

Climate: Scientific Legacy 2 Minute watch

Britain’s role in climate science was born with Operation Tabarin, and ongoing international science programmes show us Antarctica’s role in the earth’s climate system and its acute sensitivity to our actions thousands of miles away. We spoke to Climate Scientist and Explorer, Felicity Aston about the her experiences and the history of scientific discovery in Antarctica.

Human Endeavour: Courage and Exploration 2 Minute watch

The UK has long been at the forefront of Antarctic exploration, from Captain Cook, to Scott and Shackleton and latterly Expedition Ice Maiden, and these tales of human courage and endeavour continue to inspire us today. We spoke to Antarctic Photography Guide, Neill Drake about his work in Antarctica today and why he has been so inspired by Antarctic explorer and photographer Frank Hurley (1885 - 1962).