Past Projects

Supporting other organisations in their endeavours to care for or celebrate Antarctic heritage has always been a vitally important element of our work. From our earliest days when we were directing our support towards the fundraising for the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project up until our most recent support of new acquisitions for museums and major exhibitions, we believe our support is able to make a difference to how we enable more people to understand and appreciate our Antarctic story.

Dundee Heritage Trust - RSS
RSS Discovery Rigging Conservation Project

Grant Awarded: £50,000 | Board approved: January 2017 

Following an inspection of the rigging, masts and spars of RRS Discovery, it was identified there was a serious problem with rot, degradation and structural integrity.  The repair work will involve removing the upper fore and main masts, spares and bowsprit along the rigging and is expected to take around eight months to complete.  

Athy Heritage Company Limited
Restoration of Shackleton’s Cabin Deck (Rys Quest)

Grant Awarded: £12,060 | Board approved: February 2016 

The deck cabin is from RYS Quest, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s last expedition ship and was the cabin in which Sir Ernest died in 1922. Athy plan to conserve and restore the cabin in readiness for display as a central exhibit in the new ‘Shackleton Museum’ to be established in Athy, County Kildare, Ireland. 

Gilbert White & Oates Museum
Antarctic Learning Programme

Grant Awarded: £45,000 (over three years) | Board approved: October 2015 

As part of their project Towards Sustainability – Inspiring Voyages of Discovery in the Natural World, they will create a new learning programme designed to reach new audiences.

New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust
Commonwealth TAE Hut, Scott Base

Grant Awarded: £40,000 (over two years) | Board approved: October 2015 

The Commonwealth TAE Hut at Scott Base is the sole know surviving intact building in Antarctica associated with Sir Vivian Fuch’s British led expedition. The site has been designed a Historical Site & Monument. The conservation plan for the building was launched earlier this year by the NZ Prime Minister.   

Dundee Heritage Trust
Purchase of 35 objects relating to Frank Plumley

Grant Awarded: £10,000 | Board approved: April 2016

To purchase, via private sale, a collection of 35 objects relating to Frank Plumley (1876-1971), one of the stokers on the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. These comprise of personal possessions, archives and photographs from his time on board Discovery as well as newspaper clippings relating to his later life.


The Enduring Eye
Royal Geographical Society Exhibition (with IBG)

Grant Awarded: £60,000 (over two years) | Board approved: Sept 2014

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) held a major exhibition to mark the centenary of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17) led by Sir Ernest Shackleton.  The Society owns 68 glass plate negatives of the expedition, selected and saved from the ice by Frank Hurley and Sir Ernest Shackleton. These fragile glass plates, were conserved, digitised and shown to the public for the first time. The exhibition opened to the public in November 2015 and after it closed in London embarked on a UK-wide tour. We were the headline supporter of the exhibition giving a grant of £60,000.

Falkland Island Museum

Grant Awarded: £74,076| Board approved: March 2014

The Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust has relocated its museum to the Dockyard in the centre of Stanley. This major building and restoration project was granted a total of £1.8m by the Falkland Islands Government. We were pleased to support the project with a grant of £74,076 to aid the development, design and build of the Antarctic Gallery and moving the Reclus hut to be the centrepiece of the gallery. The Reclus Hut is a small Antarctic Hut which was removed from its location at Portal Point in Antarctica to Stanley before it was finally installed in the new museum. The gallery provides the world’s biggest exhibit of British post-war Antarctic history outside the Antarctic. The museum was opened officially by Sir Neil Cossons in September 2015.


We support UK and overseas polar institutions and individuals with grant aid towards outreach and education projects that fulfil the mission of the Trust.

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Press Enquiries

We are very keen to promote the important heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story about us, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements or +44 (0)1223 813 557.