Besides Port Lockroy the Trust has taken on the conservation management of five other historic sites: Damoy Refuge, Detaille, Horseshoe, Stonington, and Wordie.

                        Horseshoe. Map courtesy of MAGIC, British Antarctic Survey

Horseshoe (HSM 63)(67°48'S, 67°18'W) ‘Base Y’ on Horseshoe Island, Marguerite Bay, western Graham Land. It was established in March 1955 and closed in August 1960. The scientific research carried out at the station included topographic survey, geology and meteorology. Extensive survey trips, often covering hundreds of miles and lasting several months, were undertaken from the station using dog sledges.

The excellent condition and completeness of both the buildings and artefacts are of considerable historical significance; together they provide a very special time-capsule of British life and science in the Antarctic during the late 1950s. There are an estimated 10,000 artefacts on site and the nearby 'Blaiklock' refuge hut is considered an integral part of the site.

Base Y, Horseshoe Island was designated HSM No. 63 in 1995. At this time no conservation work has been undertaken directly by the UKAHT.

                           pic of Horseshoe

 We are grateful for the close continuing co-operation with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), the British Antarctic Survey and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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