The Trust has a few of its own publications and also sells selected others.  But we also produce an extensive book list of books available about Antarctic Peninsula heritage.

£ 7.00 each

Antarctic Heritage Trust calendar


The UKAHT's 2015 Special edition 'Penguin Post Office' calendar featuring photographs of gentoo penguins taken at Port Lockroy by UKAHT and printed locally in the UK.

£ 3.00 each

Scott Centenary Commemorative Service 1912-2012

Booklet produced especially for the centenary service of Scott's Terra Nova expedition, held at St Paul's cathedral in March 2012. Including forwards from HRH The Princess Royal, the Prime Minister David Cameron, and articles by a range of Antarctic experts exploring both Scott's expedition and legacy, as well as current work that is being undertaken in the Antarctic.

£ 3.00 each

Southern Horizons - Robert Burton

Robert Burton describes the history of the British Antarctic Territory in this publication by UKAHT. Featuring a foreword by the Trust’s Patron HRH The Princess Royal, it is an accessible history of the early sealing industry and the Heroic Explorers to the permanent occupation of British bases and the cooperation involved in the Antarctic Treaty which is a remarkable testament to the international spectrum of those committed to Antarctica.

£ 25.00 each

Journey to Antarctica: Tierra del Fuego - South Shetland Islands

Written by experienced polar guides, Journey to Antarctica takes the reader on a beautifully illustrated tour of Antarctica, exploring Tierra del Fuego, the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula (including Port Lockroy). Full of amazing photographs of the wildlife and scenery, this book can act as both an introduction to and memento of Antarctica.

£ 20.00 each

Southern Lights - John Rymill

The British Graham Land Expedition (BGLE) has, until now, remained a little-known scientific venture; quite possibly because of its enormous success. Scientific objectives were achieved; members of the team cooperated and worked well together and at the end of almost three years on the Antarctic Peninsula all men returned home alive. The story of the BGLE is therefore one of the most inspiring and uplifting accounts of Antarctic endeavour. And yet it is a great deal more. It was the last expedition of the heroic era but the first to combine modern technologies with traditional polar methods developed in the Arctic. It also marked a paradigm shift in models for Antarctic operations, developing expertise with aircraft, dog-teams and polar field work which provided a blueprint for Antarctic exploration into the modern age. 

Coming twenty-five years after its last publication, this edition contains more than eighty original black and white photographs which provide an atmospheric illustration to Rymill’s official account.  Southern Lights is undoubtedly an essential and valuable addition to any library or Polar collection. 

£ 20.00 each

Of Dogs and Men - Rick Atkinson and Kevin Walton

Of Dogs and Men is a brilliant record of a bygone era in which dogs were the only means of travel in Antarctica. Published a year after the dogs were banished from the Continent, Of Dogs and Men captures the true story of intense companionship between man and dog and the diverse ways in which both were essential for the other’s survival.  With meticulous detail, the book portrays the dogs as individuals with distinctive personalities, some being more cooperative to human endeavour than others but all contributed to a relationship which has become legendary. The book includes wonderful illustrations which match the tales told by those who knew the dogs best- over thirty contributors from the British Antarctic Survey are well placed to give a full account spanning the arrival of dogs in the 1940s to their eventual dismissal at the advent of motorised vehicles and heavy machinery. The stories are funny, sad, triumphant and tragic but most of all, they appeal to every dog lover.

£ 10.00 each

Fit for a Fid cook book

Fit For A ‘Fid’ is an insightful record of the recipes used by men who worked for the Falkland Island Dependencies Survey during the 1950s and 1960s. Many of the recipes and ingredients are so obscure for the modern day that they invite readers to understand the difficulty with which the early explorers lived and how much has changed since.

£ 13.00 each

Tip of the Iceberg - David Price

Tip of the Iceberg is a personal account of the two years spent at Port Lockroy by David Price in the late 1950s. This marked the final stages of the ‘Golden Age’ of Antarctic exploration. With an impressive memory and a welcome humour, the author relates the primitive life on the small Island of Goudier which was home to five men all absorbed in the study of ionspheres .  Icebound and with mail just once a year, this is a gripping tale of what was to be the greatest adventure of a man’s life.

£ 10.00 each

Antarctic animals colouring book

Colouring and drawing book of the animals of Antarctica, accompanied by interesting animal facts.


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