Fit for a 'FID' or how to keep a fat explorer in prime condition - Gerald T. Cutland

£ 10.00 each


'Fit for a FID' is a recipe book with a difference. First published in 1957, and written by a FID* who served as General Assistant/Cook in the 1956-57 season on the Argentine Islands (Base F Wordie House), this recipe book gives a humourous insight into the foods eaten on a British Antarctic base in the 1950s, as well as a sense of life on base. If you want to know how they made seal meat hamburgers, or why the author was not a fan of penguin ("I have an awful feeling inside of me that I am cooking little men"), then this is the book for you. Accompanied by humorous anecdotes from the author, this book went on to be issued to every British base in Antarctica.

*FID: A member of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, later called the British Antarctic Survey.


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