Sheet 2A and 2B Brabant Island to Argentine Islands

British Antarctic Survey


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Product Code: BO10002
Key product features
  • Scale: 1:250,000
  • Cartography by the British Antarctic Survey

Product description

This folded map covers the area of the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula between Brabant Island and the Adelaide Islands, including: Gerlache Strait; Lemaire Channel; Palmer Station; Vernadsky Station; Grandidier Channel; Crystal Sound and Port Lockroy Historic Site. It also covers part of the east coast including Exasperation Inlet and Crane Glacier. It connects to map BAS/UKAHT 3 to give full coverage of the northern Antarctic Peninsula north of the Adelaide Islands.

The map shows topographic detail with a Landsat 8 satellite image mosaic backdrop. It includes coastline; elevation information as contours and selected mountain summit heights; UK place-names; scientific research stations; Historic Sites and Monuments (HSMs) and Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs).

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