Port Lockroy Blog - 14th November 2011


Ylva, John and Rachel arrived in Ushuaia at the end of October with a couple of days to spare before joining the Antarctic Dream and Plancius for onward travel to Antarctica and Port Lockroy. This is always a good opportunity for the team to recover from jetlag, enjoy the surrounding mountains and of course finish odd jobs that might be needed for the season!

                                           Enjoying the surrounding scenery in Ushuaia

Ylva and John joined the Antarctic Dream which has been incredibly supportive over the years and arrived well and safe at Port Lockroy on the evening of the 5th November. Rachel joined the Plancius and enjoyed a fantastic trip with calm seas via the Falkland Islands where she had the opportunity to meet up with UKAHT friend Sally Owen, Migs and Russell from Sulivan shipping (our agents), visit the museum at Stanley and of course all the team at Stanley post office. The Plancius’ next visits were in South Georgia where Rachel visited the old whaling station at Grytviken and exchanged ideas with the team running the wonderful South Georgia Museum. Rachel is looking forward to arriving at Port Lockroy in the next few days.


Nissen hut on arrival  Digging begins!

                        Ylva, John and the Antarctic Dream team

Whilst Ylva and John had the task of opening the base and preparing it for the start of the season the rest of the team, Michael, Claire and Cat, were travelling south on the Expedition and enjoyed a fantastic journey with many landings including the less frequently visited Antarctic Sound (thank you G Adventures!).  Ylva and John were pleased to find Bransfield House and the Nissen hut in good condition on arrival and with little snow on the island (compared to last season – see blogs 1 and 2 from the 2010-2011 season) and with much appreciated help from the Antarctic Dream they managed to dig their way into the Nissen hut front door within 20 minutes. Since then they have had no difficulties getting all the communications systems set up and the base prepared for the first visit of the season. 

With some last minute changes to plans John is now on his way north after deciding that a season at Port Lockroy is not for him. Michael, Cat and Claire arrived at Port Lockroy late last night and are looking forward to getting stuck into their roles and settling into life on base.

More news from the team at Lockroy in the next few days!


Putting the sledges on display outside Bransfield House  The stevenson screen  

  Fast ice in the back bay