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An important part of what we do is bringing to life the human stories of Antarctica. Every year our team, who are based in Port Lockroy, Antarctica during the Austral summer, write a weekly blog to tell the story of what it is like to live and work in this exciting place. Read the latest blog posts from the team here.

08 March 2017
Homebound and goodbyes

“Our eyes are gliding over the surrounding glaciers and mountains. Watching the penguins, listening to nature and wildlife sounds.  Capturing the final impressions and moments as we make our way down to the zodiac's which are waiting down at the chain's landing site. One zodiac is loaded with bags, backpacks and two peli cases, in addition a box marked 'rigger boots' and some waste. Although the sun is shining bright at Lockroy and the surroundings are stunning and beautiful as ever, there is a noticeable sadness in the air when we take place in the empty zodiac. We silently watch whilst we cruise around Goudier Island, seeing the Boatshed, the Nissen hut and Bransfield house...

27 February 2017
Coming to an end...

After 17 days on the island I get the privilege of writing what will probably be the penultimate blog post of the Port Lockroy season and what a 17 days it’s been.  I recently started as Operations Officer back at head office in Cambridge and, after a whole two days in the office, was on a plane heading south. Adele, Laura, Lucy and Hannelore had been here and settled into their work and routines for 3 months and then I arrived and set up camp on the sofa bed with a notepad in my pocket and lots to learn...

20 February 2017
In the Navy!

This week has been quite a mixed bag for us here at Port Lockroy. As readers will know we are nearing the end of our time on Goudier Island and as a result, are using every spare minute to fit in any outstanding jobs. We have had a couple of mornings free from ship visits which have allowed us to crack on with the bitumen painting of the historic buildings. Despite these odd ship-free occasions we have welcomed 8 ships, 10 yachts and 2 Navy vessels ashore this week!

13 February 2017
A soggy penguin count

Although another week has past and Port Lockroy life itself has become a routine for us by now, nature and wildlife are in a constant changing cycle. Last week we witnessed the first sparkling stars far above us, and the nights are now getting noticeably darker. A reminder that this season is coming fast to an end. Well aware of the precious time we have left on base, not only getting all the jobs done, but also inhaling the final special moments, like watching a fluffy chick snoozing on top of a rock with its legs stretched out, seeing an adult gentoo running with a chick or two after it begging for food, having a conversation with a curious chick during painting work or seeing it's head moving as it follows the broom scrubbing up and down during our daily morning rock guano cleaning workout. The weather has changed to a more wet one, with some more rainy days this week...

06 February 2017
Stars in their eyes

Blue icebergs glowed in the bay; with not a breath of wind, mirror seas reflected majestic mountains; the still waters only rippled by the occasional proposing penguin: this was the scene last night as we soaked in Port Lockroy at its best. We gazed at the sky and to our delight we saw a star! Our excitement on seeing the first star of the season was also tinged with sadness. Although a thrill to begin to see constellations appearing in the sky it is also a sign that the nights are getting darker with each passing day, as the earth tilts and spins and the sun dips further below the horizon...

30 January 2017
A Change in the Weather

It has been a wet and wild week here at Port Lockroy. Multiple days of rain have transformed our once picturesque snow covered island into a slippery, muddy outcrop of rock. The colder and windier weather has made landing operations challenging for many ships in the last few days but they have all made it, if a little late and looking rather damp. The passengers seem to have been especially grateful to have got ashore and have enjoyed time sheltering from the weather in the museum...

23 January 2017
Sunsets and Storms

We’re a little over nine weeks into our Port Lockroy experience and in some ways we have settled into the new routine for our daily lives, as Hannelore described last week. However, despite our growing familiarity with our new home, we are still struck by new experiences and changes as the season progresses...

16 January 2017
Port Lockroy life with a blend of golden moments

At this very moment as I'm writing the blog, the sun is shining at Port Lockroy, with a gentle northerly wind and a mild temperature of 6.5 degrees.

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