Antarctic Peninsula: A Visitor's Guide - British Antarctic Survey

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The Peninsula region of Antarctica is arguably the most beautiful and ecologically-diverse area of the continent. Tourist numbers to the Peninsula are increasing year on year as greater numbers of people learn of the region’s spectacular and unspoilt scenery. This guidebook, which draws on the British Antarctic Survey’s world-class scientific and cartographic work, focuses on the geography and physical features of the Peninsula landscape and surrounding seas. With 25 different maps and more than 60 colour photographs, this is an essential reference guide for any visitor to the region. The book is divided into nine chapters, each with clear charts and diagrams, providing an overview of key Antarctic topics such as weather and climate, ice-shelf and sea-ice movement and the geo-political operation of the Antarctic Treaty system. It also provides details of historic sites on the Peninsula and a short account of the expeditions which have ventured to the Peninsula over the last two hundred years. In short, this guide provides any visitor with all the information they need to enjoy one of the world’s last great wilderness areas.


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