Port Lockroy Diaries week Two

As our team are conserving Base A on Goudier Island we will be updating diary entries from the team. #PortLockroyDiaries will keep you up to date with what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen with this remarkable base. 

28 October 2018
Roll and pitch

The motion of the waves and swell has brought on the feeling of seasickness in the team. It didn’t stop us giving a presentation about UKAHT and our work. An afternoon of cabin rest kept the queasiness at bay.

29 October 2018
First iceberg

Cape Petrels, Wandering Albatross, and Fulmars are keeping us company as we venture further South. Excitement and anticipation mounts with sightings of whales and the first iceberg, a tabular berg measuring over 1 mile long.

30 October 2018
International relations

International cooperation is at the heart of human activity in Antarctica. Having survived the Drake we arrived at the ship’s first port of call, Artigas Station, a Uruguayan research base on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. HMS Protector picked up some of the base personnel and to provide passage back to South America.

31 October 2018
What’s in a name?

We’ve crossed the Bransfield Strait and can see Bransfield House, both are named after the British commander, Edward Bransfield. In 1820, he charted parts of the South Shetland Islands and was one of the first people to see the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

1 November 2018
Patience is rewarded

This morning we were ready to land ashore and offload all our cargo. Thwarted by ice which had pushed into the bay overnight, the Captain made the decision to reposition the ship and hold off until the currents, tide and wind moved the ice. Sure enough, leads opened up in the afternoon. A sterling effort by the Royal Navy and the Marines ensured that the team and all our stores were safely installed ashore.

2 November 2018
Flying the flag

 The flag was flying in time to welcome ashore the Royal Navy and host the first visit of the season. It's fitting for the conservation team, who are working to preserve the heritage of the buildings, to arrive with the Navy, as Base A was originally established as part of a Naval military operation during the second world war.  It feels like the past meeting the present.

3 November 2018

The weather has set in. Strong winds, snow, sleet and rain. It’s impossible to work outside. Our waterproofs get drenched in minutes. Today is a day for indoor tasks. Building two new beds for the Nissen Hut living quarters bunk room has been a high priority, as a week’s time the new Port Lockroy team arrive and we’ll be 8 people on base.

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