Port Lockroy Diaries week Three

As our team are conserving Base A on Goudier Island we will be updating diary entries from the team. #PortLockroyDiaries will keep you up to date with what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen with this remarkable base. 

4 November 2018
Looking for clues

There’s an element of detective work for the conservation team, tracking the construction and changes to the buildings through examining old photographs and reports. This helps piece together the story of the evolution of the buildings. Base A was modified, reduced in size and extended at different times throughout its life as a scientific base.

5 November 2018
In the event of an emergency

Being ready to respond in the event of an emergency is a critical part of working remotely in Antarctica. Today we ran through a medical emergency drill to ensure our procedures run smoothly.

6 November 2018
Working around the wildlife

It has been at the forefront of our minds that we have to construct scaffolding to work on the windows before the penguins establish nests on the rocks outside Bransfield House. With penguins arriving ashore each day, this task was becoming urgent. With a break in the weather, the team grabbed the chance to get the scaffolding up and push on with window work, before the nests were built. 

7 November 2018
Bird spotting

We’ve spotted a number of different birds since arriving on the island seven days ago. Gentoo penguins are largest in numbers, but there are several other species we’ve seen: Blue-eyed Antarctic Shags, Dominican Gulls, Antarctic Terns, Giant Petrels and the characterful Snowy Sheathbills. We spotted a ringed Sheathbill today and could just make out the word ‘Ukraine’. We suspect it was ringed at Vernadsky, the Ukrainian base 25 miles away. We are all surprised that we haven’t seen or heard any Skuas yet. Perhaps because it’s still early in the season?

8 November 2018
The sun will come out tomorrow

Another dry weather was ideal for finishing the job of mounting the new set of solar panels. The new system will supply enough energy to power the electrics of the Nissen Hut and Bransfield House. Now we just need the sun to shine!

9 November 2018
Changing Rooms

The Nissen Hut feels like a scene from a TV DIY show. The team are working hard to finish the power system and bunk beds ready for the big ‘room reveal’ when the Port Lockroy team arrive tomorrow.

10 November 2018
2 x 4 = 8

The eagles have landed, or should it be the penguins have floated ashore? This evening a very happy and excited Port Lockroy team arrived. Snow showers ensured they received and Antarctic-style welcome.

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