February 2009

Trek to South pole

Two Inspired to Trek Unaided to South Pole to raise Funds for Scott’s Hut

Gavin Booth and Adam Wilton, two young men in their early 30’s have just completed a 1130km trek to the South Pole to raise funds to Save Scott’s Hut. Inspired by news stories of the plight of the fragile hut, Gavin and Adam decided to support the cause and achieve a lifetime ambition, to trek unaided to the Pole.

On a dispatch from the Pole - "It is only just starting to sink in that we are actually here and we are over the moon. On reaching the South Pole we believe that we have become only the 12th/13th Britons in history ever to make it to the South Pole from the edge of Antarctica unsupported (no resupply) and unassisted (man-hauling only). Since the start of our planning, it has been a five year journey to get here and we look forward to reflecting on what we have done."

Before the expedition - "This is the expedition of a lifetime and the effort over the past 5 years - sacrificing holidays to train, negotiating time off work, organisation, not to mention getting up in the early mornings to drag tyres, has been huge. With less than two months before we set off we are excited but serious about the challenge. To reach the pole unassisted will be an epic adventure and will undoubtedly be the hardest thing we have done. The opportunity to help raise funds to save such an important icon of polar history will inspire us to keep marching on our long haul to the pole. We are very grateful to our main expedition sponsor, Propinvest. Their support means that every penny raised will support the Hut Conservation."

To find out more about Adam and Gavin's expedition go to their website: